Podcast on Theology, Disability and Inclusion in Singapore by Leow Wen Pin

mosaic podcast

Mosaic, a podcast production from Singapore Bible College, recently interviewed KIN’s Chairman Leow Wen Pin on his thoughts on theology, disability and inclusion in Singapore. Using various texts from the Scriptures, Wen Pin challenges us to rethink how God views persons with disabilities and our understanding of ‘wonderfully made’. This podcast sheds light on the major issues surrounding inclusion of people with disabilities in Singapore churches, for example, championing the value independence instead of interdependence, societal hyper cognitivism and how we as a Christ-centred community need to tackle these issues earnestly in order to embrace and disciple every individual whom God has entrusted to the church.

If you would prefer to access the podcast by reading, here is the transcript for download.

Listen to “Theology, Disability, and Inclusion in Singapore” on Spotify, or any other major podcasting platforms.

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